It all started in 1986. We started our activity of electroplating, initially on metals, in the year 1986. It was Zinc plating on hardware. After achieving the highest quality standards, we started Nickel Plating on Ball pen Clips. In the field of plating on pen clips, we are No. 1 electroplater for more than a decade.

After achieving this success we further moved to a very complicated process of plating nonmetals. That is the plating on ABS plastic, We are doing this plating on plastic since 10 years.

Let's deep down to our foundation, Our Founder Mr. Rajendra Mehendale, He grew up in a middle-class family, He studied in M.Sc. Organic Chemistry from Mumbai University, his high interest in Chemistry & fragrance formulation leads him to make very special perfumes. Mr. Rajendra started his first manufacturing business of incense sticks, He was always looking for greater and better opportunity, the world is full of infinite possibilities and countless opportunities, but life and career are finite, Finally his hard work and hunger to do something new exposed him to start electroplating business. He established machinery and manufacturing unit in the 80s, it was the tough time with huge debt but his courage and mindset to overcome any challenges led to trusted brand in the market, the quality of work were excellent, and major vendors of that time started to pass on the work to our company. we executed work for brands like Bajaj, MTNL telephone box plating, telco truck, Reynolds ball pen and much more, our company became one of the most trusted brand in the marketplace, we have been Audited and certified as a Best provider in Mumbai by AutoTech ( Germany ).

In 2004 we'd started ABS electroplating to fulfill high market demand, with our quality services and support, today we became a leader in ABS Electroplating service provider across the India.

The plating on plastic demands “Spot less” finish, as it can be achieved very easily on metals but very difficult to achieve on ABS plastic parts, We now assure our clients that “ we can give a Spotless, tarnish free, long life “ finish to their ABS molded components, We can effectively plate Glass , Marble Stone etc.


The Quality team is the unit responsible for ensuring that final outcomes are reliable, meet technical requirements, and that adopted methodology is adhered to. The quality team members work closely with the process.

We have complete facilities to manage quality of product, its includes Laboratory, expert staff, time and temperature control units, chilling unit, thickness testing machine, we also acquired GPCB License.


We serviced thousands of clients, Here few brands like Godrej, Popy Umbrella, Cello, Camlin, Reynolds, Anchor, Panasonic and many more